Some day when nothing seems right,
Don’t worry I’ll be there by your side!
Some day when you feel low,
Don’t worry on your face I promise to bring back that glow!
Some day when you feel all alone,
I’ll be there just like your own!
Some day when you have none to hear,
Don’t worry I’ll be always near!
Some day when you cannot see,
Don’t worry you’ll always have me!
Some day when the whole world is against you,
I’ll be there just for you!
Some day when you have tears in your eyes,
I’ll wipe them away and stay through your lows and highs!
Some day when you want to go away,
I’ll hold you tight and make you stay!
This post is written for Day 23 of UBC.

18 responses to “Someday!”

  1. Viyoma says:

    The last 2 lines are excellent…some day when u want to go away..i will hold u tight and may u stay. These 2 lines summarize the whole essence of your poem. Very touching…

  2. Judy Yaron says:

    Beautiful. As Viyoma wrote, the last two lines add an additional dimension. Throughout I kept asking myself, "Where is she going with this?" Who is the speaker in the poem? I like the fact that you leave that for the reader to decide! Thank you, HUGS <3

  3. You really have a gift with words! Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing! #ubc

  4. Red Handed says:

    What a lovely morning read. I was feeling so crappy and this made me smile. THAAAAAAAAAANKS.

  5. Ramya P says:

    Awesome poem! I kinda know who is the speaker and whom it is addressed to.. 😛 😉

  6. Me-er says:

    This was such a lovely poem reema.. 🙂 loved the last 2 lines…

  7. Nitin Goyal says:

    someday when you feel perish, call me and i will make u cherish..
    someday when its all gloom, i will come to u to make u bloom,
    someday when you feel choked, i will make you to unchoke..

    i knw i knw bad rhymes… :p :p

  8. Now that's a good poem Michelle.
    All the while your poem i read,
    there was one song which was constantly playing on my mind.
    Adele – Make you feel my love.

  9. Ridx says:

    Beautiful and even more beautiful if you have someone to listen to this and whom you can dedicate to. Just stumbled across your blog and following you. X

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