When days turn to months,
And months to years,
Sometimes you wish
You could relive those years!

The moments spent then,
Are memories now!
Time past when,
I know not how!

The times when I was happy,
Wish I could have enjoyed more!
The times when there were tears,
I wish I could forget my fears!

I now realize that I was making memories,
And not just living life!
People come and people go,
But memories stay all my life!

If I only knew,
That memories would last through,
I would live those moments to the full,
‘Cause sometimes memories will be all that we have! 

This post is written for Day 28 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

22 responses to “Memories!”

  1. Ruchi says:

    Wow, no doubt a winning entry this one! So simple yet so deep 🙂

  2. I agree with the sentiments of your beautiful poem. How the memories linger. I forget the things I don't need and cling to the important ones.

  3. Nitin Goyal says:

    when day passes by
    the memories of her comes alive
    i cling to her memories
    feels like the passed by centuries.

    i was down when she got lost
    i need her now at any cost
    thinking of her is now my work
    but sometimes my mind just go berserk

    i will find her one day
    will always keep her at my allay
    will not let her go away
    but i cant handle this delay….

  4. What a nostalgic poem! We indeed are making memories most of the time without realizing it.

  5. Nice one Reema 🙂
    Simple yet beautiful!

  6. Carol Graham says:

    Lots of memories here — thank you — beautiful

  7. "memories never dies".nice one.

  8. Red Handed says:

    This kind of scared me. Makes me want to hold on to everything precious to me tightly!!

  9. Soumya says:

    That's the magic thing about memories, they always stay. Even when people don't! 🙂

  10. U write really nice Reema.. Loved all ur blogs, keep up the good work.. 🙂

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