I will fly!

I want to fly high like a bird in the sky,
But this world doesn’t let me try.
It has put me inside this cage,
Which keeps me confined at every stage.
There are many things that I want to do,
I have many dreams which I want to come true.
I know I can do it all,
But I am not allowed to stand tall.
The world humiliates me for the little mistakes that I make,
They laugh at the risks that I plan to take.
They say I don’t have it in me to fly high,
And ask me to forget about reaching the sky.
With those words that they feel will demotivate me,
They expect me to give up and let it be.
But I am not the one to stop,
I will not be satisfied till I reach the top.
For every time I fall I will rise,
I will wipe those tears from my eyes.
From every mistake that I make,
I will have a lesson to take.
Those confines of the cage I will break,
The very foundation of your wrong thoughts I will shake.
Nothing can stop me and make me cry,
For I am born with wings to fly high!
This poem is written for Day 3 of  The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

24 responses to “I will fly!”

  1. Wings soaring in the sky and feel free, let the world take a bow for they are scared deep inside. Absolute love ur poem, something I truly believe in:)


  2. Jina McHugo says:

    Great job – you express the sentiments of millions all over the world, just a lot better than most of us can! I post about cheese scones, a little more mundane – but if you read my post, you will see that I too will never give up! http://masabicou.com/cheese-scones-french-way/ Good luck, Caty

  3. Yani Ransome says:

    Hi Reema, I love how you shifted from feeling confined to being determined not to be confined. I love to write poetry myself but have not been in poetic circles. It was nice to come across this. I really like your form of writing also. It was visually pleasant to read as well as inspirational.

  4. A lovely reminder of the purpose of our wings!

  5. That was very beautifully written, Reema! You left me spell bound almost after every stanza.

  6. Leo says:

    Very beautiful, and inspiring poetry. Especially that penultimate verse. 🙂 The world may try to break, but the wings are yours to make, yes. 🙂 Enjoyed it.

  7. Me-er says:

    The last para was beautiful.. Nice poem reems.. 🙂

  8. Red Handed says:

    You go girl!!!!! This had such a positive vibe to it.

  9. Hello! Beautifully Expressed…

  10. Hey Reema well penned and love your simple and rhythmic touch to the lines ! i had also written something similar on being trapped in a cage .. here is the link : readersheaven.org/2013/06/19/trapped-in-a-cage/ … let me know your views 🙂

  11. the pics and the poem says so much <3 beautiful 🙂

  12. A says:

    Such a nice poem which inspires you to follow your dreams! Loved it, Reema 🙂

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