She looked  at the mirror and admired herself- she looked beautiful as a bride. But the beautiful saree that she wore, the grand jewellery, the mehendi on her hands also reminded her that her dreams were to end today! Like every girl she had big dreams about being a bride and marrying the man of her choice but that wasn’t her only dream and she had many more things to achieve before living this marriage dream. She didn’t want to be the bride today but her parents wouldn’t listen as it was a matter of their family pride and honour. She felt bad to hurt her parents but she made up her mind, picked up the phone, dialled a number and asked, “Is this the Child Marriage Helpline?”, for she was just 14 years old!

Lillie McFerrin Writes

23 responses to “Marriage”

  1. good take on the prompt of marriage.. for some its a joyous occasion.. for others, its the end of their dreams and life as a child.

  2. nibhz says:

    That's a sad twist to the beautiful occasion like marriage!

  3. nibhz says:

    That's a sad twist to the beautiful occasion like marriage!

  4. Wow that was creative twist in the end. But atleast she had the courage to fight back. Loved it 🙂

  5. Afshan Shaik says:

    marriage at 14 years ! Scary
    Good that she seeked help… She should get out of it…

  6. sandraconner says:

    Very well written and such an important truth that so many people in this world don't know about — or don't want to know about. But stories like this can get attention where other avenues might not.

  7. shailajav says:

    This was scary! But a sad reality in India for a long time. I hope it has been done away with.

  8. Ananya Tales says:

    I really loved the way you convey this message, Great post !

  9. Anita says:

    A brave girl indeed, Reema! Nice story 🙂

  10. story mein twist i din expect it .. yea child marriage is a social evil and it must be stopped :/ nice story 🙂

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