100 Happy Days: Days 61-80

Hey friends, it’s been a long time since I wrote about my 100 happy days challenge. You must be wondering why I didn’t write about. I too dunno why! The days kept passing by and I was planning to write this the next day and that never came. Whenever I started writing about this, I ended up writing something else. But finally here I am writing about it. This gonna be longer than my usual 100 happy days posts as this time it’s gonna be 20 days. So here we go.

Day 61:

After a long time I got to sleep for 8 hours at a stretch. Whenever I have classes the maximum time that I can sleep is 6 hours- that is the maximum mind it. So when I woke up after sleeping for 8 hours I was happy 🙂

Day 62:

I love eating fruits. But among all the fruits I have a special place for the king of mangoes. So when my neighbour decides to visit us in the morning with a basket full of mangoes I was overjoyed.

Day 63:

And mom gets home I pizza. I rarely eat pizzas and I had this craving for a pizza from long. And that day mom came home late. I was wondering why she was late when suddenly she handed me the box containing the pizza.

Day 64:

I love spending time alone outdoors. I was feeling a little low and bored so I decided to spend some time on the terrace alone. And what greeted me was the beautiful sky. The cool breeze just made it better.

Day 65:

Yay! Jackfruit time! After mangoes the next best thing about summers for me is jackfruit. Enjoyed it 🙂

Day 66:

Books are my first love. So spending the whole reading is my idea of a perfect day 🙂

Day 67:

The picture says it all! My brother is back home after his trip to Mangalore for 8 days. When we are at home, all that we do is fight. But I missed him when he wasn’t at home and I was glad that he was back.So mom was surprised to see us happy together! 😀

Day 68:

As I said I love spending some me time outdoors. But I was glad to have Chanda mama for company on my walk.

Day 69:

And here come the results! Since I was sick during exams and I couldn’t study much I was scared about my results. And I didn’t know that the results were announced until an hour later. Keeping my fingers crossed as I was scared about a subject in which I’d thought I would fail as I fell sick in the exam hall while writing the exam, I entered my number in the website and clicked “Go”. My joy knew bounds when I saw that I had scored a 9 point something again 😀

Day 70:

And I get another Liebster award. Well I don’t have to say much about it again here. I have already written about it here. Thank you Anmol 🙂

Day 71:

I found all my favourite songs over the past few years and listened to them non-stop! Music makes my day 😀

Day 72:

I have become a walkaholic these days. And I was finally able to reach the goals I had set with respect to walking 😀 Now don’t laugh!

Day 73:

Yay! There is sale and I get to go shopping. The best part mom agrees to buy the things I liked 😀 That doesn’t happen often you see!

Day 74:

I get a high when I solve puzzles! And when I manage to solve many puzzles correctly in a limited time I crown myself as a genius 😀

Day 75:

And finally a movie with friends! Such things happen rarely so got to cherish it! Look how happy I am. The picture says it all 😀

Day 76:

Reading my own posts from long ago and not so long ago and feeling happy that I wrote those posts 🙂

Day 77:

You must be wondering what this is. It’s a Magalorean dish called Patoli in Konkani. I don’t know what is called in any other language. It’s made of Jackfruit, rice and jaggery and tastes yum! You can take me out of Mangalore but you can’t take the Mangalore out of me 😀


One of the best pastimes in rainy season- watching the rain! And the best part putting your hand out of the window to catch a few raindrops 🙂

Day 79:

I found my old dairy and ended up reading it the whole day. Memories! Nostalgia!

Day 80:

Tada! A perfect hair day when my hair listens to what I say. I never use any stuff to set my hair- my comb is my only weapon. And suddenly my hair decides to do as I say. No hassles! And yeah I love taking selfies 😀

And those were the 20 days! Only the last 20 days remain. But I think it’s become a habit for me now.
The next will be coming up soon.
Till then take care 🙂 Enjoy and be happy 🙂

10 responses to “100 Happy Days: Days 61-80”

  1. so many happy moments 🙂 n yep, i love patholi too ♥ congratulations on ur 9. something result 🙂 party to banti hai 😉

  2. Whoa I share a lot of common favorites with you Reema! Mangoes, jackfruit, music rank top on the list.
    Lovely going through this list of wonderful things you did.

  3. A says:

    You have made me happy reading about your happy days Reema 🙂 how wonderful that it's the small things that bring us the most happiness! God bless…

  4. wow so many memories 🙂 makka patoli jayi :p 😀

  5. Me-er says:

    Pizza, mangoes, jackfruit and shopping.. Makes me happy too.. 🙂
    As for the 'katoli' in konkani, I think you are referring to "halasina kadabu" ?? I love it too.. Just had it last weekend with loads of ghee 🙂

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