10 on 10?

How many times hasn’t a 9/10 bothered us? All we strive for is a perfect 10 and more often than not we feel it is a crime to get anything less than that. Oh yes we are the perfectionists and its either a 10/10 or nothing at all. Be it in exams, sports, any other contests and now even skin colour and fairness is measured on that scale of 10. Perfectionism- a word that I love and hate at the same time. It’s
good to be perfect and it’s bad to be perfect as well. Most of us want
to be the best in whatever we do. That’s acceptable! But what’s not
acceptable is wanting to be perfect in everything we do. At the same
time so trying to be the best is a worry as well. No matter how
talented we are, no matter how great we are, we can never be perfect in
everything that we do. Yes, I maybe an awesome singer, but I may not
be an awesome dancer. And though I’m an awesome singer, I may not be
the best. In the quest for being the best, we forget our own
individuality, our uniqueness!
There are two types of
perfectionists- the healthy perfectionists and the unhealthy ones. A
healthy perfectionist runs towards success, but an unhealthy
perfectionist runs away from failure. Well, it is good to give your
best to everything that you do. It is good to be better than the last
time. It is good to to take one step at time towards your goal of being
perfect. It’s good to do your work exceedingly well without any  scope
for error. But doing that must not be a burden. It’s always good to
have realistic expectations. I’m not against dreaming big, but do it
one step at a time.

And why do we forget that failure is not an end in itself? Why do we forget that it is not wrong to fail? Failure is indeed the stepping stone to success. We are not at fault if we fail. We are at fault if don’t try. We are at fault we don’t learn from our mistakes. Failure may make us a little slow but remember it also teaches us to grow. And it all depends on our perspective, on how we take things!
And sometimes,10 on 10 may not be the
yardstick for perfectionism! It may be improvements! Doing better than
the previous time! The 10 on 10 idea leaves you with no scope for
improvement. Once you are a 10 on 10 in whatever you do, even if you
improve you will still be a 10 on 10, as you cannot be a 11 on 10.
So keep improving, keep achieving! Not to be a 10 on 10, but to be a better person, a better human being!

14 responses to “10 on 10?”

  1. Very nice. We have today geniuses of all sorts. But there is a disgraceful paucity of good human beings.

  2. PeeV ee says:

    Nice post… I am, unfortunately for me and fortunately for my boss, a perfectionist and I very violently swing between the healthy and the unhealthy types :/

  3. monica malik says:

    such a nice post… but sometimes I feel it is difficult to control that nature even when we know the difference (at least for me… I feel pressurized, stressed, and all such emotions until I get that perfect 10, and sometimes when I don't (almost always) I stumble…:( 🙁 🙁 it's just beyond control..:(

  4. Anmol Rawat says:

    I have tagged you in the liebster award.
    Follow This Link to find out.

  5. so true reema!! that perfect 10 makes and breaks us at the same time! so i guess instead of scoring ourselves comparing to others, its always good to compare our results with the past result. that definitely leads to success 🙂

  6. so true 🙂 i liked this line lot 🙂 keep improving, keep achieving! Not to be a 10 on 10, but to be a better person, a better human being! 🙂

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