Who paid you to give up on your dreams?

I woke up well before dawn,
‘Cause there was something to which I was drawn!
I woke up after a dream,
An idea, a scheme!
It was all I thought about all day,
There was sunshine to make hay!
This went on for days and nights,
I finally decided that it had to see light!
I told the people around of my dream,
My plan to build a team!
I told I’d put my heart and soul,
Putting in everything to make it whole!
But the world laughed at me,
Stopped me from from thinking free!
Told I was crazy,
And that my vision was hazy!
They told it was a joke,
My dreams went up with the smoke!
They told I couldn’t,
And so I shouldn’t!
I was hurt,
Never thought the world would be so curt!
Tears filled my eyes,
Wished that the world would be nice!
My dreams were broken,
With the harsh words spoken!
I called myself a fool,
For letting my heart rule!
I felt the world was right,
And so I gave up my fight!
Wiped my tears away,
Decided to go the world’s way!
The dream kept coming back,
But I never ventured on that track!
Did what I was supposed to,
Never thought about anything new!
If I couldn’t, then I shouldn’t,
And so I didn’t!
I never gave it a try,
Bid my dreams goodbye!
Now I’ve almost reached the end,
Thinking about the life I could mend!
It’s now too late,
I’ve surrendered my dreams to fate!
I could have and so should have,
But I didn’t, I may have!
And now my heart screams,
 ‘Who paid you to give up on your dreams?’

8 responses to “Who paid you to give up on your dreams?”

  1. Beautiful inspiring poem who are intelligent but scaredd of people around them

  2. Anindya says:

    Very nicely written Reems . #blogbuddy

  3. Lovely.. Love the message u wanna spread.. πŸ™‚

  4. Aditi says:

    Loved this Remma! So many of us give up on our dreams just because our ideas our visions doesn't go well with the world around us, only to regret in the end!
    Beautifully worded my friend!

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