The “Judge” mentality

The other day as I was going through my Facebook
newsfeed, I came across a picture that one of my friends had shared. It was
more like a comic strip. A man with long hair and who had a few piercings on
his face was walking with a child who was supposedly his daughter. He holds her
hand and asks her how her day was in school. Two women pass by them. Looking at
the man one of the women tells the other that with a father like that the child
will never succeed. To which the other replies that she will surely end up in
some place bad and will end up doing drugs. How rude you may say, but that is
what most of us are. And the story is not over yet! After the man and the girl
pass by, one of the women’s daughter comes to her and asks her to play with
her. What do you think might be the reaction of the mother? She yells at her
daughter and asks her not to disturb her while she is talking something
The lady didn’t have time for her child. That maybe
okay given that fact that everybody is leading busy lives these days. But then
she wasn’t doing anything productive. But her main mistake is not that. She
didn’t have time for her daughter and she also couldn’t appreciate someone who
made time for his daughter. Instead she ended up passing rude comments and
judging him unfairly. Isn’t this true in our lives? 
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” we say but we feel
it is okay to judge people by the way they look. We pass comments on every
little flaw that we find in others- sometimes silently and sometimes a little
too loudly. When something valuable is missing in the house, who is blamed
first? No prizes for guessing- the maid or the servant boy or any of the other
helpers that we have. And what evidence do we have? The same old one! They are
poor so they steal. The same holds true in other commercial establishments and
often the innocent suffer for no fault of theirs.
According to our mentality a good looking person is
always good and a not so pretty person is always bad. When we have a chance to
blame someone we always choose to blame someone whom we assume is not good
without really knowing about the person. Do we know their story? Do we know how
they got where they are? Do we know why people are the way they are? No! We are
really busy people you see. We don’t have time to know people and the truth
behind them. Yet, we have all the time in the world to gossip and pass
comments. We always have this habit of pointing fingers at others. No matter
what the matter is the other person is always wrong. But what we fail to
realize is that when we are pointing a finger at others the rest of the fingers
point to us. Are we perfect? No! Are we always right? No! Then who are we to
judge others? What authority do we have to judge others?
And what do we get by judging others? Nothing!
Instead we waste our time and energy on unproductive things. We end up harming
ourselves as well. When we keep judging others, we also feel that others will
judge us. And sometimes though we are doing what is right we keep asking
ourselves what will others think or say about it which often results in keeping
our dreams from turning into reality. The next time you feel like judging
someone then do it at your own risk. “Do unto others that you would like others
to do unto you”. It holds good for good things as well as the bad ones. So when
you judge others, be ready to be judged yourself. 
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16 responses to “The “Judge” mentality”

  1. M SAISWAROOP says:

    Its awesome..>!
    absolutely right…!

  2. monica malik says:

    So true..such people are jerks..almost everyone seems to be judging others..
    Really .how do they get so much tym

  3. Anmol Rawat says:

    Very true post. People need to get a life for real. They should spend that time in constructive things instead.

  4. Afshan Shaik says:

    A good one. I love all those quotes ,specially that closet one 🙂
    We often end up judging others even before we know a thing abt them !
    Good lesson

  5. So true Reema. It's a waste of time as we don't know their situation and neither they do! If we don't like being judged, why should we judge others? Nice points 🙂

  6. Shail Mohan says:

    Very true. Do not judge a book by its cover or people by the way they look or a blogger by the blog -posts (the last part is my own) 😀

  7. You know what Reema, it is a favourite passtime of a lot of people around, to judge others. I actually feel sorry for their narrow mentality. I mean, why cant people let others live their lives ! Sigh !!

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