As I was walking by,
The word magic caught my eye.
Then began the questions of what it meant to me,
I went back in time to search for the lost key.
I remember those days as a little kid,
All those tricks the magicians did.
Those big hats and the bunnies that from them came out,
How it happened I had a doubt.
And then there were those tales,
The ones in which the fairy never fails.
That swoosh of the wand would do it all,
Would I also someday with my prince go to a ball?
I grew up to read about the boy who lived,
Of his scars and snitches, of how he survived.
Those spells, potions and books were then an addiction,
I then realized it wasn’t magic, just plain fiction.
Was there no magic at all?
Was there nothing in this world that magic I could call?
Keep looking said a voice from nowhere,
For long time I just stood there.
The sun set and night fell,
It was nature’s magic I could surely tell.
Those beautiful flowers, those magnificent creatures,
I couldn’t help but marvel at their magical features.
The magic in nature I did find,
But I still didn’t have peace of mind.
I wanted to be a magician myself,
To create magic that spoke for itself.
I decided to start working the magic on me,
I decided to believe in the talents that God had given me.
To the people I met I gave a smile,
The magic of it lasted a long while.
I learned to laugh with friends, I learned to care,
I then realized how magical it is to share.
The things that I had taken for granted,
Had so many lessons in them planted.
Love is the biggest magic of all,
For sharing and caring are forms of love above all.
When worries are laid to rest,
The magic of love we could enjoy the best.
The realization then dawned,
My life had always been the magic wand.
The magic was not outside but within,
It will be always and had always been.
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16 responses to “Magic”

  1. The magic does lie within! 🙂

  2. magic is always der.. as long as we are able to find it 🙂 nice poem 🙂

  3. Ramya P says:

    Magical!!!! 🙂

  4. U r a magician 🙂 a dairy with her magic wand and converting the divine feelings, emotions, and imaginations into the words, words which further magically makes the reader smile :):) u r a magician

  5. Afshan Shaik says:

    such a brilliant one…Loved it in and out
    I could so relate so many of these lines. U rock the poems 🙂 keep them coming

  6. The Wanderer says:

    Love is indeed the biggest, grandest, and most magnificent magic of all! 🙂

  7. Shail Mohan says:

    That's real magic 🙂

  8. Good one, Reema 🙂 Loved the way you wove the Magic throughout the poem 🙂

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