Happy birthday my dear Dahi Vada!

When I was in class four,
A girl came into my life whom I adore.
A lot fun we had in school back then,
Besties we became I dunno when.
Studies or fun be it whatever,
Partners in crime we were, always together.
Those moments that we shared,
Were some of the best I ever had.
Time passed and she had to go to another place,
The smile disappeared from my face.
But the distance doesn’t matter she still is my best friend,
And she will remain till the very end.
And today is a special day,
For it is her birthday.
May your smile always stay,
May lots of happiness come your way.
May you be blessed with good health,
And also lots of wealth.
May only good things come your way,
And if bad things come, they will not always stay.
Enjoy life to the fullest,
May you be the happiest.
Remember that for me you are a special treasure,
Our friendship no one can measure.
I still have a lot to say,
But first here is wishing you a Happy birthday!
Here is the cake. And I am waiting for your treat!
P.S.:Dahi Vada is her nickname which my friend Melvin and I kept for Divya. I don’t exactly remember why we started calling her that. And only I have the right to call her that. Ok may be Melvin as well! 😛 Sorry Divya for using your nickname 😛

4 responses to “Happy birthday my dear Dahi Vada!”

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    That's such a sweet poem. If you are able to be friends despite the distance, then it's very strong. Happy Birthday to her.

  2. reemwrites says:

    Thank you. It has been 5 years now since she shifted to a different city. Yet we are great friends 🙂 I will convey your wishes to her.

  3. Me-er says:

    That is such a sweet thing to do, writing poem for her birthday.. 🙂
    Happy belated birthday wishes to her.. 🙂

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