100 Happy Days: Days 41-50

And these days were some of the most hectic and tension filled days! Exams! The part of the semester that I hate the most. But it is also the time when my creativity is at it’s peak. Yeah that is the irony of it. When I am free there is the Writer’s Block that does not let me write and when I am busy and have exams my creative juices tend to overflow and I cannot write much though I want to. It’s either Exams or Blog. But trust me most of the times I make my Blog the winner! 😛 Wish I could just go on writing on my blog and reading others blogs all day! Yeah that is what I have been doing these days 😛 So back to where we stopped. Here is what days 41-50 were all about. and yeah I am half way through! That motivates me even more to continue this challenge. And trust finding reason to be happy when you are sick and have exams is not so easy! So here we go!

Day 41:

When my post gets WOWed I feel wow! Yes! A WOW post by Blog Adda for my post Love you Mom! Haven’t read it yet? Don’t worry just click here.

Day 42:

Morning walks are so much fun! And especially is they are with mom. The cool breeze, those chirping birds! Awesome feeling indeed.

Day 43:

I am not much of a movie buff. But when someone tells me that there is an awesome movie which is must watch I won’t miss it. Exams or whatever! So when I heard so much about this movie Queen nothing could stop me. I just sat down and watched it completely. What a movie it is! Superb!

Day 44:

I am big fan of books. And all this reading stuff came from childhood. I remember my childhood when all of my summer holidays would be spent on reading and rereading my favourite books and magazines. My all time favourite comic strip was that of Suppandi which appeared in Tinkle. I haven’t got the chance to get a new issue and read it.But I came across some of these comic strips online and I didn’t stop till I read them all.

Day 45:

Need I say more? Just when everything seems boring and I am tired of doing what I supposed to do an episode or two of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is enough to make me happy again!

 Day 46:

A blogging milestone- 10,000 page views! I started this blog for an assignment and now I have all you readers! A 10,000 page views is such a great thing and I hope many more zeroes will get added after the last zero in 10,000.

Day 47:

When I have exams I almost go mad! Those numerous formulas and derivation and problems and programs and what not! I keep whining every now and then why do they keep exams when we forget what we studied once we finish the exams! And amidst all this mom knows the best to cheer me up! My favourite chocolate- Snickers! Yay!

Day 48:

Kindness is the best gift ever. And when I was in trouble and it was big trouble a kind soul helped me! Thank you 🙂 I was touched by the kindness. Really felt happy 🙂

Day 49:

Mom’s birthday! I am lucky to have the best mom ever 🙂 And do I need any other reason to be happy on her birthday? Love you Mumma 🙂

Day 50:

And I reach the half way mark with this! After a not so good exam I return home to eat Vada Pav. Yum 🙂

So this was days 41-50. I feel proud to have come this far. The next set of 10 days will be coming soon 🙂 Till then stay happy 🙂
You could also take up the challenge. Try it!

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  1. Grace says:

    Figure out how to appreciate the entire life. Be glad at this point. Try not to sit tight for something outside of yourself to fulfill you later on.

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