100 Happy Days: Days 31-40

And then I was back from my awesome trip to Mangalore. It took time for me to get back to my routine as I still craved to be in Mangalore. I wanted my holidays to extend. But sadly they couldn’t. And then I couldn’t be sad. So this is what made me happy through these 10 days.

Day 31:

As I said I was sad for coming back from Mangalore. But as I was coming to Hubli, this beautiful sunrise cheered me up. An awesome sight indeed. The click isn’t that good as it is from a moving bus. But there is permanent click of this in my head 🙂

Day 32:

The worst part after a vacation is the unpacking of things that follows. For a day, my room was  in a mess. And I was too tired to clear it all upon. And then on Monday I finally cleaned it all up. A clean room! Happy for the end result and happy for the effort I put in.
Day 33:

Journals to complete, assignments to write, projects to be finished. Yet I found time to read a few pages of this amazing book. I’d been putting off reading it for a while now. But then it struck me that there will always be something that I am supposed to do. But once in a while it feels good to do the things that I like to do.

Day 34:

Yeah, it is the 2048 game. I have been playing it for a few days now and then finally I managed to complete the 2048 tile. And yeah the game was played on a bus when I was coming back home from college.

Day 35:

As an engineering student this is the “Phew!” moment. Yeah these journals are there to be written every semester. But seeing them all complete, signed and certified makes you feel happy! 🙂

Day 36:

Apart from books, my blog and music, the next thing I am crazy about is flowers. And when these beautiful red lillies bloomed in my garden I was overjoyed! 🙂

Day 37:

A lot of food stuff has made it to my list of things that made me through these days. Another one added- Mom’s awesome Mango curry. Yeah and I am happier because I picked the mangoes myself 😛
Day 38:

Mother’s Day. I couldn’t get a gift for mom so I decided to write a poem for her. And when she was busy with her work, I call her suddenly to my room telling “Mumma come here”. She scolds me and tells me she’s busy. Yet, she comes and asks me what happened. I made her sit down, opened my blog and made her read the poem. She was so happy and she was proud of me. And she told me something that made me happier. “I think you must take writing more seriously and try to write a book and get it published!” Yippee! I will put my best efforts to make that happen Mom! 🙂

Day 39:

Yes, I am addicted. The game itself. Try it yourself. And this was when I completed 4096. I did score 4096 a few more times after this. But this one is special as it was the first time.

Day 40:

A hectic day at college. And then when I catch a bus, sigh, feel sad as it is crowded and yet manage to find a seat- yippee! Relief!

So these things made me happy. Keep waiting for the next post. And until then if you decide to jump into the 100 happy days challenge yourself then click here.

Keep reading my other posts if you have or haven’t read them still. Bye for now. Ciao 🙂

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  1. Soumya says:

    That mango curry looks yumm!! 🙂

    The kite runner is one of my all time favorite books! I hope you liked it too.

    Everyone in my office is glued to this 2048 game. I need to try it out now!

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