100 Happy Days: Day 21-30

Another 10 days of the challenge pass by. And these 10 days were indeed very happy days. Got a few prizes, travelled to Mangalore, met my old friends! Lots of things. Here is glimpse of what happened.

Day 21:

The thing that I love the most apart from books is music. And I love making my own music. So when I get an hour to play the keyboard and make my own tunes after a hectic day at college, there is no better joy than it!

Day 22:

In this busy schedule, it is difficult to find time to watch a movie. But after all the work I had, I finally found time to watch a movie. Enjoyed 🙂

Day 23:

Gifts bring happiness- it is not those big, costly ones that make me happy but little gestures. A friend of mine gave me this jar of home made laddoos. 🙂 Thank you dear 🙂 I know you are reading this…

Day 24:

I always have something or the other to do always but after a long time spent time doing nothing at all. Just sitting down 🙂

Day 25:

An honest compliment like this one from a friend and a regular reader of my blog made my day 🙂

Day 26:

Finally got the prizes for the 4 contests I had won in a Techno Amuse week in college. And with this my prize money collected this year reaches an all time high 🙂

Day 27:

Travelling to Mangalore. My home town, the place of my birth.

Day 28:

Finally in Mangalore. And then I get to see my little cousin Alden for the first time. Such a nice feeling to hold him in my arms.

Day 29:

Getting to eat traditional Mangalorean food. It is so rare. I am grateful to my aunts for this 🙂

Day 30:

A quiet walk in the fields. Nothing as relieving as this. 🙂

So those were the things that made me happy in these 10 days. Watch this space for the next set. Wish me luck so that I can finish this

5 responses to “100 Happy Days: Day 21-30”

  1. 🙂 🙂 too good, it brings smile to the reader too 🙂
    may God bless u
    may u get more reasons to smile 🙂

  2. Haddock says:

    I am yet to try Mangalorean food.

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