Khursi kiski?

is here. No matter how many cool drinks, juices and ice creams you have, you
still feel hot. And to add to heat, it is election time. The time where “We the
citizens of India” choose whom we would like to plunder us. Oops! Sorry it is
supposed to be “rule us”. The poll has already taken its toll. Half of India’s
favourite pass time of the summer season “The IPL” will be played outside
India. I have a question. How can the IPL still be called IPL? Shouldn’t it be
HIPL? Jokes aside it is time to get serious! With the elections coming up or
rather already started, the big question on everyone’s mind is “Khursi kiski?”
There is
the chief minister of Gujrat who would like to extend his sway over the rest of
the nation. And then there is the mamma’s boy and hmmm nothing more about him.
And finally the new kid in the block who wants to sweep away the evil of
corruption. There are also the regional big wigs believe that when they are
united they can be a force to reckon with. Who will finally sit on the seat of
power? Akir khursi kiski hogi? Any guesses?
But I am
not talking about just this khursi- the chair of power. According to me life
can be divided into different khursis or chairs. It is all about what sort of
khursi you take. The khursi in school/ college, the khursi of your workplace,
the khursi of power if you choose to join the bandwagon, the khursi of the head
of the family, and the list of khursis goes on. The search for some khursis
starts even before the child is born- yeah I am speaking of school admissions!
But no matter what khursi it is- there are responsibilities associated with
each. The question is how we execute those responsibilities.
accuse our politicians of being selfish. We tell that they only want to sit on
the seat of power and say that they then forget those promises they made.
Absolutely true! But are we all not the same? Don’t we all do the same thing?
How responsible are we with work that is assigned to us. Are we also not like
the politicians- making promises till our demands are met and then failing to
keep them?
Yes, we are like this only!
right do we have of blaming others when we ourselves don’t keep promises? What
right do we have of calling others corrupt when we ourselves are ready to shell
out some illegal “a little extra” for the various khursis we occupy in our
life? Doesn’t that make us hypocrites? In the quest for being the best in the
various khursis that we occupy it isn’t right to take things for granted, to
make our own rules and then break those rules for our convenience. Hmmm that’s
a lot now to take in for a day! I am going to play a game of musical chairs!
Anybody ready to join me? Let’s play khursi kiski! And yeah don’t forget to
vote! That khursi may not be yours to sit on but remember the people who will
sit on it owe you something and remember you are responsible for your choice!
Signing off!
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8 responses to “Khursi kiski?”

  1. Afshan Shaik says:

    Thats an interesting and timely article Reema. Liked it
    we all play Kursi kiski in smaller or bigger way but m really glad that many r voting this time !
    We have to wait and see what post election results hold for us
    Good one !

  2. suja says:

    Mast..reems..keep writing

  3. Red Handed says:

    We want a corruption free nation while we continue giving those 100 rupees to police men just because we don't like wearing helmets…Corruption I have felt is within all of us. And the blame game is still played!

  4. Saru Singhal says:

    Sadly, I don't see kurshi getting a worthy occupant.

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