Life is what you make it

Life is not a bed of roses,
But it is how you face the challenges it poses.
It is in those thorns that prick you,
It is in those troubles that you never knew.

Life is not just about lofty dreams,
It isn’t easy as it seems.
It is about making those dreams real,
Not just think of them, but feel.
Life is not always about the laughter and fun,
It is about the many battles you have won.
It is not about how long you cried,
But about how long you tried.
( Picture Credits: Vageesh Pyati)
Life is not about the stones that people at you throw,
But it is about how you use them to grow.
It is not about the times when you gave up hope,
But about the difficulties you did cope.
Life is not being in your comfort zone,
It is in going out of the way, all alone.
It is not about the prizes you have won,
But it is about the good deeds you have done.
Life is a mix of joy and sorrow,
There is nobody who knows about tomorrow.
Life is in living with full spirit,
Life is what you make it.

2 responses to “Life is what you make it”

  1. Afshan Shaik says:

    Yes life indeed is what u make it
    an inspiring poem 🙂

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