The path less taken

I walked for long to reach a place,
I struggled a lot to keep up the pace.
But then I didn’t know what I was doing,
I didn’t know the path that I was taking.
I followed the crowd which was in a mad rush,
To go ahead I didn’t need a push.
The journey went on,
But on my face was a permanent frown.
My face was devoid of a smile,
I just kept counting the number of miles.
The journey didn’t excite me,
It seemed to me just a drudgery.
My life seemed a bore,
The journey seemed nothing but a chore.
As I walked further, I found another path,
One that seemed to go till the end of the earth.
It was a lonely road,
One on which no one rode.
I decided to give it a try,
Though I didn’t know why.
I took the path that was seldom taken,
The journey on which was long forsaken.
But then I began to enjoy,
Making my own way was so much joy.
There were highs and lows,
I did have to take a lot of blows.
But it made strong,
Taught me what was right and wrong.
And now here I am at my journey’s close,
I am happy for what I chose.
Though it is easy for a person to be,
It is just so hard for me to be me!

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