Little things bring joy!

Oh yes I’m back. I know it’s been some time since I wrote something. I’m sorry for that. But rest was what I needed. And I’m back now to my always busy schedule. Well I enjoyed every bit of my trip and I didn’t want to return home. After a long time I got to welcome the New Year sans any tensions. For years now there has always been something or the other that keep me from celebrating the New Year without any worries- typhoid in 2009 and exams in 2010-2013! But this year got started with a happy start and one little incident that happened on 1st January,2014 made me really happy. And here goes the story…..
My New Year’s day was a jam packed one. I was on a visiting relatives spree. And after all that travelling from one end of Dakshina Kannada district to the other, I was tired! All I wanted was to get some rest. I entered my grandma’s house and found nobody at home except for my cousins. They were both in their own little world and I couldn’t resist sneaking in and finding out what they were upto. The elder one who is 9 years old was busy reading out a story to the little one. I was happy to see them. That is the kind of sibling love that I always admire. I didn’t want to disturb them and so I slipped out quietly. But they had already sensed my presence there and called me and asked me to play with them. I was tired and I actually didn’t want to but then looking at those little faces I melted and I sat down to play with them. The time that followed was the best. The age difference didn’t matter. With those kids I became a kid again! We were laughing, dancing and singing. I was happy and there couldn’t have been a better time for me that day.
And then after an hour or so my mom came back home. She had brought a box of sweets. She handed me the box and asked me to distribute it. I started with giving the sweets to the little one. And what did she do? She pulled me and asked me bend and when I did, she held the sweet to my mouth asking me to take the first bite. I was surprised with her reaction as kids gobble sweets as soon as they are given one. I told her to eat the sweet and that I’d take another one. But she wouldn’t listen. She said that she’d eat only if I’d eat from her sweet. Kids these days can be stubborn and I had to give in. I took a bite and then she came and hugged me.
I was touched! It may been a little thing but then it made me really happy. This little girl all of five taught me a lesson- a lesson that I will never forget. It is little things that bring joy. When we are busy chasing the big goals of life, we fail to recognize these joys which come in little packets. If everyone in this world could only realize this the world would truly be a beautiful place to be in. And I had one of the best ever start for a new year!

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  1. cute experience..:)

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