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Life is so hectic these days. So many things to do and then the worst part is that it is never enough. No matter how hard you try, somebody or the other does find a fault with what you do. And sometimes that person is none but you. We strive to be perfect. We want to be the best. There is nothing wrong in trying to be the best. But the worst part is that in our quest for being the best, we don’t bother about the things that make life beautiful. Everything is done in a hurry. No time to savour the wholesome taste of the food we eat. No time to sit back and look at a child playing. No time to look at the setting sun. No time to enjoy the beauty, the tranquility of the night. Life just passes by…
But think of it. Can we live these moments again? No definitely not. We can never get back the moments we lost. We miss not only living the moments but also we lose our sense of where we are going in life and why we are going.The things that we do today may not matter after a few years. Then why waste the precious moments? We always have work to do. But can we not take a few moments out of our busy schedule and actually live life? Wouldn’t that bring us more joy, more satisfaction. Just think of it…

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  1. seeya says:

    No one is perfect. Every person is unique.

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