Merry Christmas!

It’s cold December,

With it brings a day to remember!
A day to celebrate the Saviour’s birth,
A day of joy and mirth!
A remembrance of that night long gone,
When for us our saviour was born.
Born on that holy night,
When a star was shining bright!

Today is a day to rejoice,
Sing songs with a joyful voice.
With a message to share,
To love each other and care.
To give more than receive,
All our worries aside we leave.
To make place and welcome into our heart,
A new day for us to start!
May this Christmas bring you joy,
Blessings a plenty may you enjoy.
May your life be filled with laughter,
Not just for now, but ever after.
May the baby Jesus bless you,
Let all your wishes come true.
With a smile on my face for you,
I wish a Christmas that brings you happiness a new!
Merry Christmas!

2 responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. it did bring smile 🙂 merry christmas 🙂

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