It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas eve today! The best time of the year. A season of joy, of giving and sharing! Yeah, exams have ruined it for me. Yet, it’s Christmas! Nothing can take away the joy, excitement of Christmas! The Christmas tree is ready. I’m still not sure about the crib though. The star is up and shining and I’m busy listening to sweet melodies of the carols as I’m typing this. But putting aside these external celebrations, what does Christmas really mean? Is it just a season of the tree, the crib, the star and the carols? Is it a day of new clothes, delicious cakes and other sweets? Is it just that? Definitely not!
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. The act of God becoming man. It is the celebration of this great event. Though the star, the crib, the tree and the carols have their own significance, Christmas isn’t Christmas until is is in your heart. And though Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago, He must be born again. Yes, Christmas is Christmas only if Christ is born in our hearts. The commercialization of Christmas has made it X’mas. Who is this X we are celebrating? A thought to ponder…
It is apt that we need to ponder on the way Jesus was born. He wasn’t born in a palace or big, exotic place. He was born in a lowly manger. The best story of humility. The inn keeper had no room for Jesus. Is there room in our hearts? When Jesus was born, the people who first visited him were shepherds, not great people. The wise men from the east followed the star and found Jesus. Can we not make little efforts on our part to make it a better Christmas? Yes, we definitely can.
My Christmas tree is done. Thinking of the crib now. I’m happy to have been able to manage to do this with my exams going on. My wish list to Santa is ready! Just waiting for him to grant them!
Have a Merry and blessed Christmas!
May the baby Jesus bless you all 🙂
Enjoy! 🙂

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