The day when I had no luck!

Tring tring” rang the landline. It was morning and I was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake up and wondered who would be calling so early in the morning. “Mom, please pick up the phone!”, I shouted. No reply. It was then that I remembered that I was all alone. Mom was in her home town as she had to attend a wedding in the family. I wasn’t the one who would miss any of the functions, but this time I had to. Reason? Exams! And it then struck my mind! I had an exam.
I ran to pick up the phone. It was mom! She had called to wish me luck. But then why didn’t she call on my cellphone? There it was with the battery gone. Oh no! The ticking of the clock reminded me of the time. 7.30 am! I was running late! Exam at 8.30. What am I gonna do? The panic struck me. ‘Crash‘, I dropped my cellphone. I had no time to put it back and so I ran to brush my teeth. ‘Splash‘ I threw some water on my face and then hurried up with my daily chores.
I couldn’t afford to have breakfast as I’d be late. I ran to the bus stop and a bike vromed past me. How I wished someone would drop to college in one of those. Ah! my dreams. The honking of the horn of the bus brought me back to reality. I climbed the bus and searched for a seat. But my bad luck, no seats! No last minute revisions. I reached my exam hall a minute before the exams were about to start. Question papers distributed. One glance at it and I was about to cry. I hardly remembered anything. I scribbled whatever little I could and rushed out of the exam hall and ran to catch a bus back home.
It was all cloudy and was thundering outside. I managed to catch a bus. But as luck would’ve had it, the bus screeched to a halt as it broke down half way through. I got down and began walking home. And then it began to rain. I searched frantically for my umbrella but then I hadn’t brought it. And there I was drenched in the rain.
I unlocked the door and fell down with a thud on the sofa. My stomach growled with hunger and my teeth were chattering . The phone rang again and this time I was sure it was mom. “Hello Ma”. “How was your exam?”. “Achoo“, I sneezed in reply.

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