The joy of giving,sharing!

Yesterday I went shopping and while my brother was buying something for himself, I stood there outside the shop observing people. There were two boys begging, one was around 12-13 and the other 5-6. They were arguing among themselves for something. A kind girl passing by gave the younger boy a chocolate. He accepted it with a smile. He took the chocolate and ran to the older boy. He held it in his hands and tried opening it, but couldn’t. The older boy took the chocolate from his hands and opened it. I was expecting a fight for the chocolate. I was wrong! I felt ashamed of myself after seeing what happened there. The older boy opened the wrapper and gave the entire chocolate to the younger one. He just took the powder which was in the wrapper. This deed touched me. If this wasn’t enough, another thing happened. The younger one broke the chocolate into two equal pieces and gave a piece to the older boy.The older boy refused, but the younger one coaxed him to take it and he finally did. Both of them walked away from there with broad smiles on their faces. More than the chocolate, it was each others kindness that made them happy.
Both of them could’ve kept the chocolate for themselves. But that didn’t happen. When the older boy took the chocolate from the younger boy to open the wrapper, the younger one could’ve been angry. But he trusted the older one. The older one could’ve kept the chocolate and could’ve eaten it himself. Or the younger one could’ve eaten the whole chocolate when the older one opened the wrapper and handed it over to him. But both these things didn’t happen.
Think about it for a moment. How many times have we shared things with others? And even if we have shared things, wasn’t it when we had enough for ourselves? Sharing when we have is good. But sharing when we don’t have is the best thing. As I was walking away with these thoughts in mind, I saw another pair of kids. This time the scene was different. These kids were from a well do family, and they were fighting. “Mom his dress costs more than mine”, said one. “But you got those accessories to go with your dress”, said another. I was awestruck! What a difference!

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