Don’t just breathe, Live!

Every day we get to make a new beginning. Every morning we are presented
with an opportunity to begin anew. But do we see the day as an
opportunity to improve or is it just another day for us? More often than
not, we see it as just another day, nothing out of the ordinary and
then begin it as we always do! But what if someone told you that it was
your last day on this Earth and you have just one day to make your
presence felt among the people you know. Would we sulk at the thought of
it being a bad day or would we give it our best and do everything
possible to make it memorable not just for us but for others as well?
When we begin our day, we have a choice to make, a decision which has an
impact on the rest of our day. We can choose to begin the day with a
smile or we can begin it with a frown and that stays for the rest of the
day. Yes, all of us do have problems. Everyone has to carry his or her
own cross. But aren’t we lucky to be alive? Think of those who couldn’t
see this day. Be thankful that you’ve been presented this day.
As the day goes on there are opportunities for us to grow, seek them!
There are also things which make us feel low. But we may choose to take
on those things sportively and make them opportunities for our growth or
sulk at them.
We look at everyday as just another day. But no matter how similar the
days are, there is something that makes each day different from the
rest. All we have to do is notice it! It is left to us to choose whether
we plan to make it an ordinary day or an extraordinary day.Seconds turn
to minutes, minutes to hours and then the day is over. But have we just
kept breathing through the day or have really lived our day? We can be
involved in our own little world and not really care about others. But
doesn’t that make us selfish? At the end of the day we can be tired yet
have the satisfaction of having lived our day to the fullest or we can
still keep frowning like we did in the morning! And what makes that
difference? This..
Give your best in whatever you! Do things you love to do. Do something
you have never done. Learn something new. Do a good deed without
expecting anything in return. Laugh heartily. Smile more often. Make
others smile. We can choose to live lives in our own little cocoon or
make others come out of theirs! Life is too short to just keep
breathing! We have to live! In the end it’s not about the years we have
lived, but the life in our years! So make the best of each day!

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