We often seem to wonder what life is and often search for answers.
Answers…. hmmm we do get, and plenty of them for that matter. But none
of them completely explains life. And I’m sure nothing can ever explain
life completely.If you are wondering what made me write this, hmmm well
I owe you an answer since your reading this.
other day I read a few quotes about life and that made me ponder on
this. Now let me ask you, can anyone explain what life is? Just give it
some thought. We were given life by our parents and our birth was their
greatest joy. We grew up taking life as it came. Joys and sorrows were a
part of it. But most of the times we thought that happiness was apart
from it. “Set your goals high”. That’s what we’ve been taught. But in
doing so we’ve set high standards for happiness as well and as a result
we fail to notice and enjoy the little joys of life.

Going back and thinking about the life that I’ve lived all these years
from my birth, I can tell one thing for sure. Life’s sure taught me a
lot of things. From teaching me to talk and walk to showing what’s it to
be a human, Life’s taught me a lot. Life’s taught me my lessons on
love, trust and care. Life’s given me friends to be there for me. Life’s
made me strong and corrected me when I’m wrong. Life’s made me fall at
times,but it has even taught me to rise up, to bounce back and give my
Life’s short. That’s what everyone says. So
live each moment as it comes. Enjoy every moment as much as you can.
Problems and difficulties are a part of it. But be brave and face them.
If you get depressed of the problems, the problems get doubled. But if
you laugh at them you’ll be free from trouble.
one important thing. Our life isn’t ours alone. It belongs to everyone
who makes our life worthwhile. As I told before, our birth was a joy.
Let’s live life so that even our entire life is a joy to others. Aspire to inspire before you expire.

“Life doesn’t come with a users manual.” How true that is! Life surely
doesn’t give us instructions, but it surely gives us lessons. If we knew
what life would be like would there be fun in living it? What good is a
surprise party if you knew there would be party? The surprise element
is the key to it.Sometimes life doesn’t give us second chances, but
often it gives us new chances, new opportunities. It’s left to us to
open the doors when it comes knocking at it.Life isn’t about finding
yourself but life is about creating yourself.
live life to the fullest. Forgive and forget those bad memories. Cherish
the joys. Throw away those bundles of hatred and bring in joy. Smile
and make others smile.Keep smiling. And thanks for reading this.
Sometimes, a dose of philosophy is necessary…!!!

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