#AtoZChallenge: Theme reveal

I have decided to take up the A to Z challenge this year.
Blogging throughout April is going to be fun. And to make it more fun and to make
it easier for me, I’ve decided to have a theme for the challenge. As April
draws closer, here I am telling you about my theme, so that you can know what
to expect.
My theme for the A to Z challenge is going to be- “A letter
for a letter” Confused? Let me explain. In this era of instant messages, it
always feels good to receive a letter from someone. Writing a letter to someone
is equally gratifying as well. Letters sometimes convey your deepest emotions.
Words have the power to heal. So for each of the 26 days of April that this
challenge is on, I will be writing a letter. It will be a letter to someone or
to something. Since it is the A to Z challenge, the letter will be addressed to
the person or thing which begins with the corresponding day’s letter. The
people or things that I will be writing letters to are a part of my life. They
are people whom I lucky to have in my life, some who thought me lessons, some
things that define me and some things that I just love. It is going to be a mix
of good and bad, happy and sad, serious and funny. So be prepared for the ride.
I’m trying hard to give my best to each post. I hope that I
stay motivated to complete this challenge. So I’m
all set to write my letters, are you ready to read them? I’d love it if I get
some letters motivating me and cheering me up. Are you listening dear readers?
Hope you all read all my posts. I’m excited for the challenge, are you?

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  1. Aathira says:

    I love your theme! Looking forward to the letters. And good luck to you 🙂

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Aathira 🙂

  2. Archana says:

    Wonderful theme! I remember we had Pen Pals in school years! Looking forward to your posts. 🙂

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Archana 🙂

  3. What an interesting theme ! will surely come back to read your letters.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Pooja 🙂

  4. Ls says:

    Thats an interesting theme.. All the best!

  5. Brian Dsouza says:

    Oh yes I am. I remember the task given by our teachers back then where they asked us to write letters to our parents and drop em in the nearest post box n see if they get it n read it.Memories cherished….. Looking forward to seeing your letter Michelle 🙂

    1. reemwrites says:

      Letters are always special right? Thanks for the comment.

    2. Brian Dsouza says:

      They are indeed.. Shows the effort you put in to catch the mind of the recipient

  6. D Biswas says:

    That's a wonderful theme! Wish you all the best with it!

    Damyanti, AZ 2016 co-host.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Damyanti 🙂

  7. Shalini says:

    What a beautiful theme! I'm so looking forward to reading your posts..err..letters! 🙂 Let's have a rocking April.
    *Something's Cooking is also signed up for #AtoZ*

    1. reemwrites says:

      Yes we will 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  8. What a good theme! All the best. Please do add your twitter handle to your posts.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you for the comment and the suggestion. I've added my twitter handle now 🙂

  9. This is interesting, Reema. Looking forward to reading some of your letters. Have a wonderful challenge.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Corinne 🙂

  10. Kala Ravi says:

    Reminds me of the good old postman and letterbox days! This will be lovey Reema! Rock it girl!

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Kala 🙂

  11. Nibhz says:

    Oh awesome!! I love letters! Awaiting your letters from April! Good luck!

    My theme reveal post is here

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Nibha 🙂 Will read your post soon 🙂

  12. This theme is brilliant!
    I'm taking a random guess (and hoping that what I'm guessing is the same as what you're planning)- are you writing a letter to Harry Potter for the "h" letter?
    Please do so, unless you've planned a better letter for the same alphabet! 😉

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Mithila 🙂 Ahem ahem, I won't tell you what it is about, but let me tell you definitely have something in store 😉

  13. reemwrites says:

    Letters are always specia, aren't they? With so many memories attached to each of them, it seems nice to walk down that path some times. Thank you 🙂

  14. What a lovely idea for a theme. Good luck with the challenge and see you in April.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Tasha 🙂

  15. Parul says:

    Sounds very interesting and will be happy and love filled 26 days here. All the best and I will see you around.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Parul 🙂

  16. That sounds like it will be an inspirational and sweet theme.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  17. What a great theme – I can't wait to read your posts.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Deborah 🙂

  18. Geets says:

    That sounds really a touching one Reema.. Letters to letters.. want to explore more 🙂

    All the best 🙂


    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Geets 🙂

  19. Ravyne says:

    Oh wow, Reema! What a unique, clever and creative theme! I look forward to seeing what all you create! See you in 10 days! ~Lori~

    Lori @ As the Fates Would Have It
    Lori @ Promptly Written

  20. Me Otherwise says:

    Oh Wow… thi is one hell of an interesting theme!!!! All the best

  21. Modern Gypsy says:

    That's a very interesting theme! I'll be following your journey in April. All the best!

  22. Very unique and cute! And fun and catchy too. Good luck with the challenge!
    Best wishes,

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Nilanjana 🙂

  23. This is a great theme. Writing actual letters rather than just IMs can be almost like therapy, and I think it will be interesting to read too. Good luck 🙂

    1. reemwrites says:

      Writing letters is so liberating! Thank you 🙂

  24. Sounds like you have a good handle on the challenge. Interesting theme too. Will be neat to see who each day's letter will be addressed to.
    Enjoy April! I'll see you there. 🙂

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Jeffrey 🙂

  25. Narayana Rao says:

    Good to visit your site as a part of my A to Z visits. My theme Blog Promotion
    Welcome to A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2016 – Co-Participant – Nrao – NRao Blogs 1109
    NRao Blogs – 2016 A to Z Challenge Blog Posts
    Management Theory Review

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Will drop by yours soon.

  26. Great idea. I have recently restarted writing letters. Very rewarding practice. Good luck in the challenge.

  27. I loved this theme. So should I expect a letter for S 😛

    I will come back to your blog and would love to read all the letters that you would be writing in the month of April. Hope it is Awesome! 🙂

    The Solitary Writer – A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

    1. reemwrites says:

      You may or may not 😛 Stay tuned to know 🙂

  28. Chandni says:

    This is already my favourite theme – and its going to only get better from here .. cant wait for April 1st!

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Chandni 🙂

  29. Dahlia says:

    Who doesnt love letters! Looking forward to reading your letters. All the best
    @mysilverstreaks from

  30. The lost art of letter writing. Your theme choice will be fun. See you in April.

  31. Aseem says:

    Now that's one amazing theme Reema :). Really looking forward to read your posts all through April :D.

    1. reemwrites says:

      Thank you Aseem 🙂

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