Let’s take a Chai break

Let’s take a Chai break

Image Source On a boring Monday morning,Wondering how the whole week we’ll take,To mourn the weekend that went by without warning,She says, “Let’s take a Chai break!” When the errors take forever to debug,To switch on those brain cells, some chai we’ll make,Don’t waste time, pick up your mug,She says, “Let’s take a Chai break!” And on one random day,When some cake she decides to […]

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Celebrate Blogging:When the diamonds danced- Chapter 14

Celebrate Blogging:When the diamonds danced- Chapter 14

Team: Alphabet Soup Read the previous chapter on Bragadeesh’s blog. The new information that Cyrus had given her made Jennifer restless. Suddenly, she too began to feel that Cyrus’s hunch might be right. Not that they got an evident proof regarding the same. But there could be a connection between the theft of the idol and the child’s death which took place years ago. She […]

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Celebrate Blogging:When the diamonds danced-Chapter 5

Team: Alphabet Soup Read previous chapters here: Chapter 1 on Ranjini’s blog.  Chapter 2 on Knitha’s blog. Chapter 3 on Bragadeesh’s blog.  Chapter 4 on Sajith’s blog.  Shekhar couldn’t sleep the whole night. The words of the novel kept coming in front of his eyes. It was morning but he couldn’t get himself up from his bed as the sleeplessness of the previous night had […]

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The things that zest up my life

I found the above picture while searching for something on Google. And this quote motivated me. None of us know exactly how much more time we have on this Earth. Life as they say is a journey. Many times we have heard about living life to the fullest and how we wish we could! The list of things that we want to do in life […]

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The beauty called Black!

The beauty called Black!

If there is any colour that I have been fascinated by then it is Black! There is an aura of mystery surrounding it.Though it is associated with many negative emotions, that doesn’t stop me from making Black one of my favourite colours. Black is beautiful! And in the present scenario black rules! Technology is everywhere and Black rules in technology too. The black gadgets are […]

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