BFFs: Blogger Friends for Life

blogging friends

When I first decided to start a blog,

I was lost in a world so big!

All alone I had to slog,

Like I was playing in a no audience gig!


In a world so huge, I was alone,

I was wondering at times if I did things right!

There was no one that I’d known,

So I decided to just write.


And slowly things began to change,

A few visitors, a few comments here and there.

The blogosphere now no longer looked strange,

With enthusiasm I continued to read, write and share!


The occasional comments now became a regular feature,

And I found different world when I blog hopped!

I was now a happy creature,

My worry bag I’d now dropped.


I made a lot of friends in the blogosphere,

Friends who showed love to my blog when I posted something new.

Who when I was down and needed some cheer,

And who helped with all that they ever knew!


When I don’t write for a while,

Or when I’m stuck with a Writer’s block,

It is my blog buddies who help me come back in style,

Together we rock!


Sharing knowledge and helping each other grow,

Giving feedback and reading even more,

My blogger friends are some of the best people I know,

And together we rock the blogging floor!


I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter


I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

13 responses to “BFFs: Blogger Friends for Life”

  1. Obsessivemom says:

    Aw this was cute and so true. It’s the community of bloggers that has kept me going for a whole decade now. Each time I have gone away I have come back because of the friends I’ve made online. You’ve articulated what every blogger feels.

  2. Anmol Rawat says:

    Beautifully penned down! I second obsessive mom. I have not been blogging for such a long period but everything from winning small competitions to publishing books has been possible because of the support I received from the blogging community.

  3. I have so many blogger friends that if I start writing about them then I’ll need more than a hundred blog posts. I love the friends I’ve made here and I admire each one of them for their growth and the success they have achieved today.

    You, included! 🙂

  4. kalaravi16 says:

    Reema you’ve cupped the essence of your blogging journey in this lovely poem! I am really lucky to have found you as my blogbuddy. Patient, caring, helpful and so loving, that’s you dear buddy. God bless!

  5. I too have many blogger friends who inspire me in many ways. Thanks to many blogging communities !!!

  6. deepagandhi says:

    Reema..I guess its same with all of us..Blog buddies are of help always 🙂

  7. RamyaRao says:

    Reema, you know I have been extremely lucky that way to have found a best friend and a blog buddy in one person itself. Beautiful poem. 🙂 <3

  8. The joy of weaving words makes writing a journey in life.

  9. only when you have someone to read and write back to you do you feel like actually writing for someone. yes,,I had been lost in the ocean a long time before till I was found..literally

  10. Just the thoughts on every blogger’s mind! I loved that line – My worry bag now I dropped. It surely is a relief to let go of blogging worries with other bloggers 🙂

  11. Vinitha says:

    Blogging gave me a ton of friends. 🙂 Loved the poem, Reema! 🙂

  12. StyleBurp says:

    Very apt and beautiful lines Reema!! Totally loved it.. 🙂

  13. You are always such a pleasure to read Reema. So inspiring with all your fresh perspective & energy .. Like in these verses youve captured the story of so many of us whove come together and are now an integral part of each other’s blogging journey ..
    Wish you the best for another stellar chapter in your blogging journey!

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