All new start!

 I stood there with a heavy heart,
My life seemed to be falling apart.
Tears were all I had in my eyes,
To speak I had no voice.
My dreams were broken,
With those harsh words spoken.
To me it still didn’t make any sense,
Was it all pretense?
How could things go so wrong?
How could I not see the storm.
It hurt and I cried,
My sorrow I could not hide.
How could life be so mean?
How could it take away all sheen?
Answers I found none,
How I wish I could run.
The time was now for me to decide,
Whether to keep crying or take things in my stride.
I wiped those tears away,
 Stood up to find my way.
Life sometimes is so strange,
It takes just a second for it to change.
I bid goodbye to the past,
And decided to make an all new start!

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