Why do I write?

When nothing seems right,
Or when everything is alright,
All I wanna do is write, write, write!Whether the day is bright,
Or if it’s a stormy night,
How can express it unless I write?

When I can see my way in the light,
Or if my goal is no where in sight,
All I can do is write, write, write!

When my schedule is tight,
And I need respite,
The best thing I can do is write!

When I’ve to raise my voice against the might,
Or when my imagination takes a flight,
I just write, write, write!

When I have a fight,
Or I can’t bear to see someone’s plight,
To share my feelings I write!

I can’t keep quiet,
For writing is my right,
And all my life I will write,write, write!


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