#WednesdayVerses : Summer

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
I remember those cold winter days,
When I'd wait,
For the warmth of the summer sun.
Those summer days when sun shone bright,
But the cool, gentle breeze,
And the shade of trees,
Gave us the much needed respite.
But summer is here now,
With its blazing heat,
No longer bringing the joys,
That it once did.
There is no gentle breeze, 
No shade of trees,
For we've cut them all down.
The scorching heat,
May soon melt us down.
With no respite now,
We are realizing our folly.
This is Mother Nature's way,
Of telling us she's not alright.
But do we pay heed?
Are we really sorry?
With trees scarce and summers so fierce,
Oh mankind, what have we done?

Welcome to #WednesdayVerses . Vinay and I offer you this word prompt each Wednesday to inspire in you a poem. If it does, do write it as a post on your blog and come link up with us. The linky is open from now till next Tuesday night! Please add your post to the link only if it is a post written for #WednesdayVerses.
Prompt for this week is “Summer”

5 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : Summer”

  1. Sulekha says:

    Reema, you have raised your voice against tree felling in a lovely and lyrical manner. Love your verses, profound thought. We need to save our trees.

  2. That’s a great poem about climate change and global warming. I still love summers and because I live in a coastal area, we still get a breeze but yes, I know it’s getting worse and the winters are definitely seeming colder too!

  3. so true! we didn’t pay heed to the mother nature. We realize only when we have to face extreme weather.

  4. Damyanti says:

    So many of us can see the writing on the wall, yet our collective and individual greed will not help us prevent the looming catastrophe. This is so devastating.
    Very well written.

  5. Debbie D. says:

    Yes, it’s terrible to lose so many trees. Hot summers without shade can certainly be unbearable. Talk about “scorched earth”! Temperatures are rising, everywhere.

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