Clockwork Orange

clockwork orange

Much to my disappointment, I couldn’t get an answer to my question. The anchor proceeded to announce the next part of the program but I was no longer interested. I don’t know why but I had this urge of finding out more about this girl and I wouldn’t give up. I began thinking what to do next.
The next thing on the agenda for the event was signing of books. There was time when I used to hoard books. I used to read a lot before but now my reading was restricted to just work related reading. And with the schedule that I had, I’d become a clockwork orange! Eat- Sleep-Work repeat! But today I decided to buy a book, not just any book -her book. That would give me a chance to talk to her.
“Wow! You are buying a book! What’s wrong?”, Lily asked.
“What’s wrong in buying a book especially when you are at a book launch?”, I asked.
“Nothing. I just didn’t think you were the book lover kind of person!”
I just ignored her and joined the already long queue for the book signing. My mind kept drifting to the past and I wondered why was I so bent upon asking her questions?
If there was one thing that I had learned to do after getting my book published, it had to be being a clockwork orange while signing a book! No thoughts went into it, I just kept signing them mechanically! I didn’t mind it as long as I didn;t have to talk. But right now if there was something that I wanted to do right then, then definitely it was to run away from here. I’d thought that I had managed to get away from the nagging questions that that guy kept asking, but now he was in the queue to get a copy of my book signed.
“Hi, what’s you name?”
“You would know it if you had given me an opportunity to introduce myself all those years ago!”
So he did recognize me but I didn’t want him to know that I recognized him too!
“Excuse me, but do I know you?”
Clockwork Orange: A book by Anthony Burgess. The title refers to a person who “has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil or (since this is increasingly replacing both) the Almighty State.
I’m participating in the Bar-A-Thon and this post is my 6th post for the same.
This time the theme for the Bar-A-Thon is “Seven”. I chose the seven colours of the rainbow. So each of my posts will be titled according to the colours of the rainbow.
Initially I had thought of writing separate stories for the Barathon. But now it looks like this is going to be a series! 😀
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3 responses to “Clockwork Orange”

  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    Now that is an interesting term. I have never seen it being used before. Low how the story line is unfolding. Waiting for the final part.

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Lovely phrase used here – really impressed with the way you have fitted it in line with your story andmodeulated your todays tale around it 🙂

  3. I am late to come back to read this post. Clockwork Orange, I did not know about this. My question – what happened to the red colour in VIBGYOR? I can’t find it.

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