Book review: A cup of inspiration

Title: A cup of inspiration
Author: Ramya Rao
Publisher: Self published
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“Aroma of motivation and positivity served by a collection of 30 poems”

“A cup of inspiration” is Ramya Rao’s first collection of poems. Though I write poetry myself, I must confess that I haven’t read a lot of poetry collections. But this one I had to read, because I’d read Ramya’s work previously on her blog.
I’ve always loved writing poetry. Because what seems just like a bunch of words, can be transformed to magic with the help of poetry. “A cup of inspiration” is a collection of 30 poems. Each poem is unique, different in its own right. The subject of the poems is not restricted to single subject. The subjects vary from the beauty of nature and the rains to human emotions. Simple things like a pebble gets a personality of its of own because the words used to describe it. The different truths of life which we all know but we ignore are beautifully written about in this book. There are poems which if you read when you are feeling low, will definitely uplift your spirits.
The language that the poet uses is simple and easy to understand. Simple words when beautifully strung together are a delight. Some of the poems in this book are rhymed poems whereas there are few free writes as well. You can read them all at once, or one by one. Either way you will enjoy the poems. There are a few poems which could have been better just with a few changes. But kudos to the girl’s imagination and writing for bringing out such a lovely collection of poems. In mood for some poetry? Go pick her book now.



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